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Welcome! We are a network of tens of thousand young, creative entrepreneurs, who have ideas and want to implement it in Nepal. E4N speeds up chances of success by credibly connecting entrepreneurs to success. Are you going to Nepal soon?  Do you want to discuss some potential ideas? Talk with us and we will connect you with the right people. Email us here.

We have a gathering on the Last Thursdays of every English month for young professionals and entrepreneurs to network with each other. Join us at our Facebook groupEntrepreneurs for Nepal here!”

About some of the founders and champions of Entrepreneurs for Nepal:

Ujwal Thapa (co-founder)

UJWAL1020X1020-blackUjwal loves to build. From building IT & online branding company (digital.com.np). to from making eco-systems of budding entrepreneurs ( e4nepal.com) to groups of anti-bandh activists (nobandh.org); from growing organic coffee in his village (shangrilacoffee.com) to building 21st century leadership for Nepal (www.leadnepal.com)

Often restless and traveling all around Nepal, he spends most of his time, contemplating on how the world will look like 50 years from now, and how fusion of technology and common sense can bring positive change to Nepal (and the world). He is currently busy working on a Nepali common sense led revolution to bring progressive transformation for Nepal.

.To read his thoughts to change Nepal, visit whynepal.com

Ashutosh Tiwari (co-founder)

Ashu started his career in Nepal as a grassroots activist in villages. In 2000, working with and atBackward Society Education (BASE), he assisted Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary (UK’s Anti-Slavery Awardwinner) with the launch of a social movement that freed up to 200,000 bonded farm laborers fromdebt bondage in Dang, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur and Banke districts.Convinced that for-profit businesses enabled the poor to take charge of their lives, he became a smallbusiness advisor. From 2001 to 2007, he worked with small businesses in Nepal and Bangladeshas an employee of the German Technical Co-operation (GTZ), and of World Bank’s InternationalFinance Corporation (IFC) respectively.In 2007, he joined Himalmedia as its CEO. His main tasks were to negotiate with trade unions and turn around the company — both missions he accomplished with the staff’s and the board’s support.At present, he is WaterAid’s country head — a job that gives him a front-row seat to understand how development is done or not done in Nepal. He spends his free time writing stand-up comedymaterials and juggling five balls.

Sagar Onta (co-founder)

Sagar believes that unleashing entrepreneurial energy of the Nepali youth is one of the keys tochanging the Nepali society. He is focused on building sustainable institutions and organizations todo the same, and is always looking for opportunity to grow and learn.He grew up in Kathmandu and received his engineering education in Bangkok and US. After working for eight years as a consultant in US, e-commerce owner and community organizer, he is now focused on entrepreneurship projects that combine the resources of the west with the creativity of Nepali youth. He divides his time between Nepal and US.

Our Partners include : Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation & Biruwa Ventures

Jaya Burathoki:

Jaya completed her higher studies from India and Australia and has worked in the media and bankingsectors in Nepal. She enjoys new experiences and believes in following her heart.

Sanjib Subba

Sanjib grew up in Kathmandu in inclusive family. Naively as a child he dreamed being a tycoon oneday but the destiny led him to wear the safety net of middle class mentality so he sneaked in whitecollar job.Sanjib started his real life journey with the then Gindlays back in 1991 and after eights years ofbanking stint he moved to Thailand to be part of the brand new American University. He calledThailand his home for 10 years before finally relocating back to Nepal in 2009 to kick start aambitious project of Banking Academy, namely National Banking Training Institute (NBTI).Sanjib does not have notable success in starting his own venture nor does he qualify to preach onentrepreneurship however socially responsible entrepreneurship spirit sits close to his heart. Hestrongly believes the entrepreneurship is the way forward to solve majority of Nepal’s political, socialand cultural issues and to make a complete inclusive Nepal.Sanjib has respect for socially responsible entrepreneurs who has risked their time and investment tocreate employment and wealth so that the society we live could be a better place.

Robin Sitoula

Robin is a democracy and public policy activist based in Kathmandu. He has been actively involvedin various social movements in the last 10 years. He believes that economic development of a countryshould be the priority of all nation states and that sound public policy can lead to prosperity.Apart from running his own enterprise, Robin works for Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation as Executive Director.

Manish Jha

Vidhan Rana

Subuna Basnet

Anita Poudel

Deependra Chaulagain

Manogya Sharma

Surath Giri


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