Boot-camp for Entrepreneurs in Nepal.

Who is this bootcamp for?

This bootcamp is for

  • owners of small businesses,
  • entrepreneurs who have already started and want to grow their
  • businesses, and
  • others who are seriously thinking about starting their businesses.
  • In addition, this bootcamp is open to final-year or just graduated
  • engineering and science students who want to start their own ventures.

Who need NOT apply?
The success of this bootcamp depends on the quality of discussions and the thinking
that the participants bring. If you are the type of person who dutifully takes notes,
thinks that the lecturers know everything, neither speaks up nor contributes thoughts to
discussions, does not challenge others’ thoughts, is not really interested in starting your
own business ventures, and expects a nice certificate at the end, then, this bootcamp
will be a complete waste of time and money for you.

What’s the point of attending this bootcamp?
The main point is to learn some of the tools that will help you to think through your
business, and think through your business ideas from various angles which you might
NOT have considered on your own. The other point is to start cultivating a network of
like-minded peers, supporters and experts whose knowledge, skills and contacts may
be valuable to you at some point in your business in Nepal.

How is the bootcamp structured?
It’s a mixture of lectures, case studies, presentations, and real-world applications of
concepts. You will apply what you learn to your own business through your fellow-
participants’ help.

What do I really get out of it at the end of the day at the bootcamp?
Possibly, a new way to think through your own business or business ideas.

What do I need to bring?
You need not be an MBA or a BBA. In fact, it may be better if you have not formally
studied business. As such, you need not know business jargons. But you do need to
bring a good understanding of your business or business idea. You need to be aware of
what you’ve been good at and where you need help in your business. This way, you can
use the bootcamp’s strengths to overcome areas in which you are weak. For example, if
you think that your marketing is weak, come prepared to ask questions and learn more
about marketing ideas that can be applied to your business, and so on. Simply put,
bring intelligence, an ability to learn concepts quickly and loads of curiosity.

How much do I pay and to whom?
Rs. 2,000 to Mr. Niraj Khanal at Samriddhi.
Phone: 9841 282 437

I have heard that Entrepreneurs for Nepal conducted its first bootcamp in June
Yes, we had 17 participants then. The program went well. This one on 18 September
2010 will be the second bootcamp run by Entrepreneurs for Nepal, which, as you very
well know, is in the business of promoting an ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Nepal
for jobs and growth. Entrepreneurs for Nepal is excited to join hands with Samriddhi, the
Prosperity Foundation, to run this bootcamp.