Last Thursdays with social entrepreneur, Anil Chitrakar

LAST THURSDAYS with Anil Chitrakar, July 30, 2010.

The following is a transcript of Anil Chitrakar’s talk on “Last Thursdays” – talk with an Entrepreneur program, held at Dwarika’s on July 30, 2010 organized jointly by Entrepreneurs for Nepal, Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, and Change Fusion Nepal. The program was attended by approximately 80 young entrepreneurs , professionals and students.

Anil starts, “Let me start with a mind set with which we have to attend a meeting like this. For example, oil was found in Saudi Arabia in 1930. So if you think about it, people go to gulf countries to work these days because oil was discovered there in 1930. That’s a very simple way to understand the world – oil created an economy there and 500 to 600 Nepalese go to Gulf everyday.

Now let me ask you a question. In thirty years of time, what do you think will be the principle source of energy or energy storage in the world? It could be solar, it could be wind or it could be hydro or a lot may be going through your mind. There is a country in South America called Bolivia and most people don’t know where Bolivia is because they don’t have a team in the world cup. Bolivia has a large deposit of lithium and the lithium is so important because the future batteries into which we will store energy will probably be lithium ion batteries. So if you know this you will start watching the economy of Bolivia because that’s where the next big economy of power is. So this is one way by which we have to go to interaction today. Lets not only think just oil or solar or tree but into the future.
Now the second thing is, in four years time there will be another world-cup in Brazil. Now who do you think made the money in South Africa? What about the vuvuzela manufacturer in China? Can you imagine that a small factory in China was producing 20,000 vuvuzela per day. So it’s not (just) South Africa that made the money, it’s (also) the vuvuzela manufacturer. Who else do you think made the money out of the world cup in South Africa? There is a Nepali manufacturer of the crazy hats who made hats of different country and its Nepali enterprises that made money. How much do you think Paul, the octopus made out of that world cup or the owner of that octopus? Did you know that the octopus is now going to be the Hollywood Star? The owner just got a contract to make a movie. So, how we need to attend a meeting like this is to ask ourselves how Paul the octopus made money but the green parrot in Ratnapark didn’t make the money. We could have used the green parrot at Ratnapark who could have predicted the world cup. All we needed was 32 cards and a parrot to choose the right one among the 32. More than that, you need the media. I don’t think it’s the octopus that did the trick, and it’s the media that did the trick. So, very often as we move into this discussion, we have to say, ‘I have a really good idea but the idea will work only if I know how to work with the media’. Having a great idea only is not enough, the relationship we establish with media is the key ingredient.

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